99. Can I print out multiple verses or lines of lyrics on the same lead sheet?

Band-in-a-Box® 2007 and higher support printing additional verses of lyrics in a 'text block' at the end of your lead sheet. To do this, simply open the Lead Sheet window, press the [Memo] button, and type in your lyrics.

Band-in-a-Box® (2005 and higher) also supports multiple lines of lyrics in the Lead sheet window and printout. If your song has repeats, 1st-2nd endings, or multiple verses of lyrics, multiple lines of lyrics can be displayed so you'll see all verses on the same lead sheet. Here are the basic steps for entering multiple lines of lyrics:

  1. Type your lyrics using Note-based Lyric entry mode in the Notation Window. The Notation Window shows your whole song in linear form, including all choruses and repeated bars. You must use Note-based lyrics, and not Line-based lyrics.
  2. Open the Lead Sheet window and make sure that "Fake Sheet Mode" is enabled.
  3. Click the [OPT] button to open the Lead Sheet Options dialog and make sure that "Fake Sheet displays multiple lines of lyrics" is checked. Press [OK].
  4. Press [Print] from within the Lead Sheet Window.

You should now be seeing your multiple lines/verses of lyrics in the Lead Sheet window and on your printed lead sheet. If you are having trouble, note the following:

  • If any four bar line of lyrics is *exactly* the same as the four bar line or lyrics at the same bar in the previous chorus/repeat, it will not be displayed. This is intentional. If you want it to be displayed, modify one of the lines of lyrics so that it is slightly different - for example, you could add a space or hyphen (-) somwhere.

  • You must print *from the lead sheet window* for "Fake Sheet Mode" printing. If you press [Print] from the Notation Window or use File | Print, the printout will be in linear (non-Fake Sheet) mode and multi-line lyrics will not be displayed.

Alyssa - PG Music