112.Error message when trying to record audio: "Format unsupported. Your sound card is not allowing or set for 44K audio".

The sample rate/bit depth that Band-in-a-Box® uses for digital audio is 16 bit/44.1 KHz. If your sound card is somehow locked at a different bit/rate setting, you may get this error message.

We have most frequently seen this error in conjunction with the Line 6 GuitarPort. The order that you open Band-in-a-Box® and the GuitarPort software is important. You should most likely open Band-in-a-Box® first, and then the GuitarPort software; this should configure your drivers for 16/44.1 automatically. If this is the order that you are already using to open the programs, try opening the GuitarPort software first instead.

A similar solution may apply to other audio devices. If you are still having difficulty, open your sound card software and manually set it to 16/44.1.

Alyssa - PG Music