139. Why do some of my rests disappear from the notation window when I exit editable notation mode?

Band-in-a-Box® is configured by default to avoid displaying unusual or complex notation in regular (non-editable) notation mode. The main setting for this can be toggled off by unchecking the clean checkbox in the Notation Window toolbar. Two other settings in the Notation Window Options dialog also affect whether a rest will be displayed at a particular location. Miminize Rests: If eighth notes are displayed as sixteenth notes separated by sixteenth rests in editable mode (because you recorded them staccato), this feature will remove the rests and display the notes as eighth notes (without rests) in regular notation mode. Tick offset: This setting allows you to display the notes ahead or behind of the actual location of the notes. For example, the notation of Jazz swing music will often be improved by a tick offset setting of about -5 ticks (120 ticks = 1 quarter note), because jazz music is typically played a little after the beat. If you are inserting notes manually rather than recording them, you might want to set this to 0.

The settings mentioned above do not affect how the music sounds, only how it is displayed.

Alyssa - PG Music