146. Will RealDrums only work with specific RealDrums styles, or can I use RealDrums with older/existing styles?


There are many styles that have been pre-programmed to use RealDrums. You can tell the difference between RealDrums styles and MIDI drum styles by looking at the style name. RealDrums styles have a minus sign in front of the style name. For example "STYLE.STY" would be a MIDI drum style and "-STYLE.STY" would be a RealDrums style. There is also a "Styles with RealDrums" category in the StylePicker window.

MIDI drums can also be substituted for RealDrums in ANY style, based on the settings in the RealDrums Settings dialog (Opt. | Preferences | RealDrums). Check the 'Substitute RealDrums for MIDI Drums' box, then choose how often you want this to happen in the pull-down menu. The file a_pgmusic.ds determines which RealDrums style will be used in each .STY file available from PG Music. If you want to use a specific RealDrums wave file for your song (rather than have Band-in-a-Box® auto-load one for you, use the 'For this song only, use this RealDrums Style' setting.

Alyssa - PG Music