148. Why do some of the text files (.TXT) in my Drums folder not have associated wave files (.WAV)? Am I missing some RealDrums styles?

There are a few text files that don't have a wave file of the same name, for example reggae_120_Style.txt, and CountryEven8Reduced_105_Style.txt. These are examples of "reduced" RealDrums styles. What that means is that they are the same styles as the versions at half the tempo, but they are treated as 8th note grooves instead of 16th notes. This was done so that they could be used with a greater number of Band-in-a-Box® styles. You'll notice, for example, in reggae_120_Style.txt that the first line is "wavename=Reggae_060_Style.wav". This means that it's using the same wave file as the Reggae_060 style. The second line is "ForceWavTempo=120". Band-in-a-Box® usually gets the tempo from the wave filename (ie, Reggae_060_Style.wav), but this line tells it that this is a special case, and it should be treated at a tempo of 60bpm.

Alyssa - PG Music