167. Why does the StylePicker window rebuild for first-time-use every time I open it?

The most probable cause of this is that you are using Band-in-a-Box® on a USB hard drive that you purchased from us in 2009, and you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 with User Account Control enabled. So the solution mentioned here would be applicable if you had a previous hard drive version and purchased a 2010 upgrade via disc or download. When the StylePicker needs to be rebuilt (such as when you first run the program, or when you install new styles), the file RebuildStylePicker.txt is present in the bb folder. Band-in-a-Box® rebuilds the style list then deletes the file. In this case, Band-in-a-Box® does not have permission to delete the file, so the list is continually rebuilt. Not having permission to modify the contents of the bb folder would result in a number of other errors as well.

The main things that affect this are whether you have User Account Control enabled, whether you are logged on as an administrator or standard user, and where you are running Band-in-a-Box® from. There are a few possible solutions, but if you have a Band-in-a-Box® 2009 hard drive, you should probably download the Band-in-a-Box® 2009 Hard Drive patch for Windows Vista and 7. This should resolve the problem without having to do anything further. Other possible solutions are: disable User Account Control (this is done in the Windows control panel | User Accounts); Right-click on Band-in-a-Box® and select 'Run As Administrator'; Install the Band-in-a-Box® program to your internal hard drive and run it from there (you can still keep the RealTracks on the USB drive), Make sure you have at least build 280. But as mentioned, the hard drive patch would usually be the best fix.

If this isn't what the problem is, check the properties of the file (\bb\RebuildStylePicker.txt) and make sure it isn't set to 'read-only'. See if you can delete the file manually.

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