182. Style changes in the middle of my song do not seem to be working.

You can change styles (.STY) at any bar by clicking on the bar and pressing F5, or by going to Edit | Settings for current bar. You can also change the RealDrums only, using the same dialog. Style changes work for any MIDI track, but cannot currently be done with RealTracks. Also, tracks can't be switched from MIDI to Audio/RealTracks or vice versa - the entire track must be either MIDI or Audio. If you are changing between styles that are made up partly of MIDI tracks and partly of RealTracks, the MIDI will change but the RealTracks will stay the same.

One approach to changing a RealTracks instrument is to add the second instrument to a different unused track. Then, use chord rests or F5 bar settings to mute one of the instruments for the first part of the song, and the other instrument for the second part of our song.

Another approach is to use RealBand, which can accomodate as many tracks as you need, and allows you to customize your tracks with multiple RealTracks.

Here is a summary of the various types of style changes that are (and aren't) possible using the F5 dialog in Band-in-a-Box®. On any one track in the style you are changing...

  • MIDI to MIDI instrument changes, work.
  • RealDrums to RealDrums changes, work.
  • RealTracks to RealTracks changes, will play the first instrument throughout.
  • RealTracks to MIDI instrument changes, will play the RealTracks throughout.
  • MIDI to RealTracks instrument changes, will play MIDI throughout; if RealCharts are available for the RealTrack it will play that (as MIDI).
  • MIDI Drums to RealDrums changes, will play the MIDI drums throughout and vice versa.
Alyssa - PG Music