4. How do I create a shortcut (alias) on my desktop to open Band-in-a-Box®?

Open the Band-in-a-Box® folder on your hard drive. This is normally /Applications/Band-in-a-Box®. Click on the file named 'Band-in-a-Box®' to highlight it - this is the Band-in-a-Box® application. Go to the File menu and select Make Alias, or press Command-L. The alias should appear in the Band-in-a-Box® folder, and you can drag it to the desktop.

Alternatively, you could add Band-in-a-Box® to your dock. To do this, you can either drag the Band-in-a-Box® application there (making sure to drag it to the left of the line that separates the trash with the rest of the items), or you can control-click on the icon in the dock while the application is running, and select 'Keep in dock'.

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