34. When I run Band-in-a-Box® I get error messages such as: "cannot read/write files", "zzjazz.sty not found", "Disk Write/Read Error", "Unable to save file", or "Unable to create file".

There are two main possibilities:

  • You are trying to run the Band-in-a-Box® application outside of the Band-in-a-Box® folder, or you are missing files from your installation for some reason. To solve this, either move the Band-in-a-Box® application back into it's folder (/Applications/Band-in-a-Box®), or reinstall the program using the Band-in-a-Box® disc or package that you downloaded via e-delivery.

  • Band-in-a-Box® is not being allowed to write files to the folder because of a permission problem. For example, this can happen if you are trying to run the program while logged on as a Standard User rather than an Administrator, and the Band-in-a-Box® folder is set to Read-only for that group. To solve this problem, download and install the latest update patch for your version.

    If that doesn't solve the problem, you can set the permissions manually by doing this:

    1. Click on the /Applications/Band-in-a-Box® folder, and go to File | Get Info, or press Command-I.
    2. Press the UNLOCK button at the bottom right of the dialog.
    3. In the Sharing and Permissions tab, set Privliges for all the groups to "Read and Write"
    4. Press the WheelGear button at the bottom (beside the + - buttons), and choose "Apply to Enclosed Items".

See this tutorial for additional information.

One other less likely possibility is that you are using a case sensitive file system such as HFS+. You can find out by selecting your Hard Drive and pressing Command-I (Get Info). Beside "Format" it will say if it is case sensitive. Case sensitivity might have been presented as an optional configuration when you installed your operating system, but it can cause problems with a lot of programs. Band-in-a-Box® does not support case-sensitive file systems directly. You might be able to use Band-in-a-Box® "well-enough" by simply changing the case of some of the main folders and data files to all lower-case, however this is not the best solution. You would be better off converting to a non case sensitive file system, or using Band-in-a-Box® from another hard drive, for example an external USB drive.

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