52. I am having trouble playing the video tutorials.

Most of the recent videos on our website applicable to Band-in-a-Box® for Macintosh use Flash, so if you can watch YouTube videos you should be able to watch the videos on our site. If not, you may not have Flash installed on your computer, or perhaps the version you have is too old. The latest version can be downloaded from the Adobe home page.

Some of the older videos on our site are not Flash videos. Also, some of the download video tutorials are .MOV (movie) files. If you are having trouble with these ones - for example if Quicktime gives you an error message, or if you can hear the video play but you can't see it:

If you downloaded an .AVI file, or if you are trying to play a .MOV file on disk, you should be able to play the file with Quicktime. For many of these videos we used the TechSmith Ensharpen video encoder. The EnSharpen Decoder often must be installed on your computer to play the videos properly. This file is available for download from http://www.techsmith.com/codecs.asp, and also included (where applicable) on PG Music disks. Make sure to install the correct version of the codec for your computer (e.g. there is a version for PowerPC and a different one for Intel).

Some of the videos on our website are only available in streaming WMV format, and are not specifically intended for the Macintosh version of our program. But if you want, you may be able to play these with Windows Media Player for Macintosh.

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