60. Is Band-in-a-Box® compatible with PowerPC and Intel Macs?

Band-in-a-Box® 2009 and higher only run on Intel-based Macs, not PowerPC. If you would like an older PowerPC compatible version of Band-in-a-Box® (Version 12), please contact us. Or you can order Version 12 directly from our website.

The earlier version, Band-in-a-Box® 12, runs under OSX on PowerPCs and also runs on Intel Macs provided that Rosetta is installed (Rosetta works under the hood to make PowerPC applications work on Intel - you normally wouldn't be aware of its presence). Most Macs have Rosetta installed, however it might be an optional install on the OS install disc for newer computer purchases.

Band-in-a-Box® 11 and earlier run on OS 9 and earlier (or on OSX in Classic mode on earlier versions of the Mac OSX operating system). Version 11 can still be purchased from us, from here

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