17. Why do all my MIDI tracks play with the same instrument? How do I set a MIDI channel and Patch number?

When recording MIDI in RealBand on several tracks, it is best to force the channel and the instrument for each track. In the Tracks window, you can select a track by clicking on the Track Number field. If you right-click on the MIDI icon, a menu will pop up allowing you to select various parameters for the track. Point to 'Channel' and select any channel from 1 to 16. You can choose any channel, but channel 10 is reserved for the drums. If you want to have different instruments on different tracks, you need to assign unique channel numbers to each of the tracks. To choose your program/patch number/instrument, right-click on the MIDI icon, and point to 'Program'. You can also use the 'Patch Select' dialog.

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