21. When I save my files, the MIDI patch/channel information in the tracks window is not saved properly.

In the Options | Preferences | Files dialog, look for the setting "Don't save forced Ch META event in .MID files". When checked (enabled), this setting overrides the forced MIDI channel settings in the Tracks Window, and the forced channels won't be recalled the next time the file is loaded. This prevents RealBand from saving the forced MIDI channels in the Tracks Window into .MID files. This META event is only recognized by PG Music programs.

If you want the forced channels to be recalled when you open the file with RealBand, disable this setting. If you are saving to a MIDI file and the patch info isn't saving properly, enable this setting, and use the Edit | Rechannel All Tracks command to convert the actual MIDI data in the tracks to the forced channel so that a forced channel isn't needed.

Alyssa - PG Music