41. During playback, why is there a delay before my mixer moves (volume, pan, audio effects) are heard?

The default buffer settings ensure that playback will not stutter for users with slower computers. However, this also means that it can take a while to hear the effect of mixer changes or DirectX edits during playback. There are settings in RealBand that you can use to control this. Go to Options | Preferences | Audio.

  • If you reduce the 'Output Buffer Milliseconds' value, the response to mixer moves will be faster. The lower the setting, the quicker the program will respond when you change volume, pan, mute, or effects settings for an audio track. 1000 milliseconds (1 second) usually is good overall setting for fast enough response, while still leaving enough buffers to avoid audible dropouts or clicks. If you have a reasonably fast CPU (over 1 GHz), try a 'Track Buffer Size' setting of 8192 and an Output Buffer Milliseconds setting of 500. This will reduce the buffering delay substantially.

  • The 'Quick Volume Change' setting, if enabled, will cause RealBand to quickly stop and restart playback in response to any volume or panning changes to an audio track, or muting/unmuting of audio tracks. There may be a slight delay or glitch before the change occurs. If this setting is disabled, then there will be a delay equal to the Output Buffer Seconds setting before you hear the change.

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