61. What is the difference between the audio effects under the Edit menu, and the effects that you access from the Mixer window?

The audio effects that you access via Edit | Audio Effects... are not real-time effects, which means that you have to add these effects while the song is stopped, and they take some time to process. These effects are also "destructive". This means that when you apply these effects to your track, you are permanently modifying the audio data on the track. What we suggest you do is to duplicate your track before applying one of these effects - that way you have a copy of the original track if you are not happy with the results.

The audio effects that you access in the Mixer window - ie, by clicking on one of the FX buttons - are non-destructive, real-time DirectX effects. You can apply these effects and make adjustments to them in real-time while the song is playing. You can experiment with them as much as you want without modifying the raw audio data on your track.

Note: If you hear a delay between when you make a change to an effect and when you hear the change, the information in FAQ topic 65 may help.

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