72. I have made a patch map for RealBand, but I get a syntax error when I launch the program.

If you get a syntax error when you launch RealBand, this means that there is an error in your patch map file (patches.ini). This is most likely a typo - for example, if you had typed "1-Grand Piano", instead of "1=Grand Piano" (you replaced an = sign with a minus sign) anywhere in your file, you would get a syntax error. The error message gives you the line number where the error occurs in your file.

Another reason you could get a syntax error is if any one patch list in your file exceeds the limit of about 2000 patches. You will get a syntax error referring to the first line that exceeds the maximum number of patches. In this case, you may need to omit some patches, or split your patch list into two or more patch lists to cover all of the patches available. Note that you can have multiple patch lists in a single patch map file.

One more reason you could get a syntax error is if you forgot to include the default bank in one of your patch lists.

Click here to read a complete tutorial on creating a patch map and using the patch map in RealBand.

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