75. PowerTracks Pro Audio is crashing frequently on Windows 98/ME, with errors such as "A Win 32 API function failed" and "parameter is incorrect".

If you are running Windows 95, 98, or ME, and PowerTracks Pro Audio is crashing frequently or giving you error messages such as these, it probably has to do with low system resources. Version 9 and higher are more resource intensive under Windows 95/98/ME than previous versions of the program. The GDI and some other essential resources, on Win95/98/ME, are limited to 64 K fixed-size buffers regardless of how much RAM you have installed. Every control in every window in every program you have running will use a chunk of that 64K GDI buffer. PowerTracks Pro Audio 9 and higher have lots of Windows controls. Windows XP removed these 'artificially limited-size' restrictions, so these kinds of resource shortages are not an issue on XP.

To resolve the problem, you should have as few other programs as possible running in the background when you are using PowerTracks Pro Audio. Before you run the program, restart your computer and do the following:

  1. Press Ctrl-alt-del to bring up the Close Program dialog.
  2. Click on each item listed in the window, except for "Explorer" and "Systray", and press [End Task]. You have to do this one item at a time. When you are finished, only Explorer and Systray should appear there.
  3. Try running PowerTracks Pro Audio again.

There are some additional suggestions for freeing up system resources on older computers in this FAQ topic.

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