92. Error message: "Canvas does not allow drawing"

This may occur on Windows 98 and ME with Band-in-a-Box® 2004 or higher, or PowerTracks Pro Audio 9 or higher. It most likely means that your system resources are low.

You should be able to resolve the problem by closing programs you are not using and/or restarting your computer to free up resources. If you continue to experience problems, close background programs before running the program. On Windows 98/ME:

  1. Press Ctrl-alt-del to bring up the Close Program dialog.
  2. Click on each item listed in the window, except for "Explorer" and "Systray", and press [End Task]. You have to do this one item at a time. When you are finished, only Explorer and Systray should appear there.
  3. Try running PowerTracks Pro Audio again.

There are some additional suggestions for freeing up system resources on older computers in this FAQ topic.

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