22. Why do I get the message "Cannot find SHELL.DLL" when I try to launch the program on Windows 2000/XP?

This problem isn't specific to PG Music Inc. software, and may occur when you try to run any 16-bit Windows application on Windows 2000 or XP. This would apply to Band-in-a-Box® 12 or earlier, PowerTracks Pro Audio 7 or earlier, and some other PG Music software.

The error indicates that the system file "shell.dll" is missing or damaged. You should be able to resolve the problem by copying "shell.dll" from the 'Windows\System' folder to the 'Windows\System32' folder ('WINNT\System' and 'WINNT\System32' on Windows 2000). If the problem persists, we recommend contacting Microsoft or searching for the solution on the internet.

Alyssa - PG Music