33."Problem reading Define.Txt" error after installing an update patch for one of the Multimedia or MasterClass programs.

Applies to: Rock & Blues Guitarist, Rock & Jazz Saxophonist, Sor Studies, Master Jazz Guitar Solos, Master Flatpick Guitar Solos, Blues Piano Solos, Bach Chorales, Barbershop Quartet, and all MasterClass programs

You may also get the error "Problem reading Contents.htm" or "Problem reading chapters.htm"; the same solution applies to these errors.

The update patches install a new application (.exe) file. If this file is not installed into the same folder as the rest of the program files, the program won't work properly. In this case, the application is looking for define.txt, chapters.htm, or contents.htm, but can't find these files. The fact that you get one of these errors would usually indicate that many other program files are missing from the directory; these are simply the first files that the application is looking for.

So, either (1) you didn't already have the full program installed on your hard drive, or (2) you already had the program installed on your hard drive but you didn't install the update patch into the correct directory.

You may have a version of the program that was originally designed to run from the CD, or you may have a version that was designed to be installed to the hard drive.

  • If your program requires the CD to be in the drive to run, you must first copy the CD contents to a location on the hard drive, such as C:\MyProgram\. For each CD, do this:

    1. Create a folder for the program on your hard drive (ie C:\MyProgram\).

    2. Navigate into the "Data" folder on your CD. Select all the files and folders within the Data folder using Edit | Select All or CTRL+A.

    3. Copy and paste these files into the chosen directory on your hard drive (ie C:\MyProgram).

    4. Highlight the contents of the folder (CTRL-A), right-click and choose Properties. In the Properties dialog make sure 'Read-only' is unchecked and press [Apply].

    5. You are now ready to install the update patch. Double-click on the file you downloaded to run the installer. When asked to select the destination directory for installation, make sure to select the "MyProgram" folder before proceeding.

  • If the program doesn't require the CD to run (it runs from your hard drive), install the update patch to \MyProgram\Data\ if the data folder exists, or \MyProgram\ if there is no data folder, where "MyProgram" is the folder that you currently have the program installed in.

Note: The Master Blues Piano Solos should be installed in your Band-in-a-Box® folder (for example, C:\bb). When installing the update patch for this particular program, choose C:\bb as the destintation directory.

Alyssa - PG Music