34. When I use the Edirol HyperCanvas, the Bass/Kick Drum is too loud or doesn't sound right.

Applies to: Edirol HyperCanvas DXi or VSTi, when used with Band-in-a-Box® or PowerTracks Pro Audio.

Try one of the following:

  • If you are using Band-in-a-Box®, go to Opt. | Preferences | Drum Kit and change the Bass drum numbers from 35 to 36. In PowerTracks, use the Edit | Replace command on the drum track to change all instances of note 35 (B2) to note 36 (C3). Bass drum note number 35 on the HyperCanvas does not seem to respond to velocity data (velocity is the volume of individual MIDI notes), while note 36 does. Note 36 is another bass drum that sounds similar to 35.

  • Make a custom drum kit, as explained below in FAQ topic 35. However, this will only allow you to change the overall volume of the bass drum note 35 - it will stay constant at the new volume that you set it to. For this reason, the first solution is probably the best.

Alyssa - PG Music