36. After installing an update patch for the Guitar MasterClass Volume 1, some of the images turned into exclamation marks and the program does not work properly.

Applies to: Guitar MasterClass Volume 1: Beginner

You most likely installed the update patch into the wrong directory. If your Guitar MasterClass Volume 1 folder has a data folder in it, you must specify the data folder as your destination directory when you install the update. If you don't, the program won't work properly.

More information: The update patch installs a new application (.exe) file. If you see an exclamation mark where an image should be, this means that the application cannot find the image file. The images may have been installed to C:\GuitarMasterClass\Data. If you installed the update to C:\GuitarMasterClass, the program would now be trying to find the images in C:\GuitarMasterClass, rather than C:\GuitarMasterClass\Data, where they actually are. The same type of thing applies to other files (lessons, exercises, etc.), not just the images.

Alyssa - PG Music