38. When I try to step advance through the notation window chord-by-chord, some chords are split into their individual notes.

Applies to: All MasterClass and Pianist Performance programs.

In the Notation Window Options | [Other options] dialog, you will find the following settings: "Chord Note Separation in MS" and "Chord Total Separation in MS". Increasing these values will resolve the problem. When the tracks were recorded, some of the notes in the chord weren't played at exactly the same time (which is normal). For example, the last note in the chord may have been played a fraction of a second after the first note.

The programs use the settings mentioned above to determine what notes should be part of the same chord. For example, if the "Chord Note Separation in MS" is set to 25 ms, then the space between the notes in a chord will have to be 25 ms or less for them to be recognized as part of the same chord.

Alyssa - PG Music