44. I get a "Format Error", "unsupported archive version", "not supported on this architecture", or "compression error" message when I try to install a program or update that I downloaded.

Applies to: Programs and updates for Macintosh OS X

You need to download the latest version of Stuffit Expander for your operating system, available from http://www.stuffit.com. This is a free update. The exact version you need to download depends on which exact OS you have. For example, Stuffit Expander 8.0.2 is the latest version compatible with OSX 10.2, while there are more recent versions of Stuffit available for OSX 10.3 and higher.

Once you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Stuffit for your system, extract the .SITX file that you downloaded again and it should work. If you are still unable to unstuff the file, please contact us.

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