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#495606 - 10/13/18 02:54 AM [User Showcase] Re: (You can) Break My Neck [Re: PeterF]
Registered: 02/03/16
Posts: 1320
Loc: Germany
Crossroads Offline

Registered: 02/03/16
Posts: 1320
Loc: Germany
Thanks a lot Peter, that really means quite a lot to me !

#495607 - 10/13/18 02:55 AM [User Showcase] Re: (You can) Break My Neck [Re: Torrey Bliss]
Registered: 02/03/16
Posts: 1320
Loc: Germany
Crossroads Offline

Registered: 02/03/16
Posts: 1320
Loc: Germany
Hi Torrey,

I am really flattered by your kind review - thanks a lot.

Take care


#495621 - 10/13/18 04:47 AM [User Showcase] Re: (You can) Break My Neck [Re: Crossroads]
Registered: 03/02/13
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Loc: Helsinki, Finland
dani48 Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4078
Loc: Helsinki, Finland
Hi, Stefan !

Hope nobody will break
your neck for this and why
should he ? This is absolutely
wonderful and the arrangement
of those horns is just heavenly
- all pro allthrough !:))


#496268 - 10/16/18 01:45 PM [User Showcase] Re: (You can) Break My Neck [Re: Crossroads]
Registered: 12/05/11
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Janice & Bud Offline

Registered: 12/05/11
Posts: 9973
There's a LOT to like here as in the clever write, the arrangement (love the horns) and the video. Our videos over the years have remained at the still image with effects level. I think that can often work as it does here.

Thanks for the backstory and info on how you put it all together.

We enjoyed it.



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