Manually: Select the Bar you want to change RealTracks. Then you open Bar Settings (F5); Select the RealTracks Button; a window opens and you select the Track (Bass, Drums, Piano, Guitar, Strings, Melody, Soloist) you are working with. Click in the Lower Bar and select the RealTrack to Change to. Ok out after making your selection. You can do this up to ten times on each track. Just start at the bar you want to make a instrument change. Note that it does not have to be 10 different instruments. It can be any combination of instruments. Sometimes I alternate between two instruments and use two tracks of the same instruments and reverse the order of the instruments of the two tracks jumping back and forth between the two tracks. For instance: Guitar Track - Guitar 1 and Guitar 2; Strings Track - Guitar 2 and Guitar one. You can do course panning and volume automation almost seamlessly between the two guitars. Another thing you will quickly notice is how well BIAB creates crossfading between instrument changes. Very clean. Because BIAB is reading ahead to generate the track, it chooses audio phrases that make smooth transitions. I think there are some things doing instrumentation in BIAB you will like better than in RealBand. Plus, all of this will transfer over to RealBand when you open a BIAB file in RealBand. I think you will also see it is much faster and easier to audition RealTracks, Supermidi or Midi instruments, than what you can in RealBand because there is a minor difference between the BIAB Stylepicker and the RB Stylepicker where the BIAB Stylepicker can play a style over your Song Chord Chart and the RB Stylepicker does not have that feature. You can audition dozens of RealTrack Styles and the individual RealTracks in just a few minutes using this feature. You also can speed the search/audition time by using the 4 bar preview. This feature plays the first four bars of your song, but the chords do not have to be the first chords of your song. You can of course change to any chords in these to search/audition RealTracks for any part of your song structure by changing part markers and chords, test shots, holds and rests and then when you're done, change the first four bars back to the chords they should be. You'll find searching and generation in BIAB beats RB hands down...

Back to the 10 instruments per channel: A more advanced method in BIAB.

Open RealTracks Picker

From the RealTracks Window in the upper right, select the Medley Button

Here's where the real magic happens.....

A window opens with 10 slots where you select up to 10 different instruments in any combination. For instance, you can choose only two instruments and have them change between them in various ways determined by every so many bars, part markers and you can even have up to all 10 instruments play simultaneously!

BIAB Ultra Pak+ 2024:RB 2024, Latest builds: Dell Optiplex 7040 Desktop; Windows-10-64 bit, Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz CPU and 16 GB Ram Memory.