For creating your "base line" tracks for a song, ie. bass, drums, rhythm instruments, it is quite easy.

The labor intensive part for me is to edit the background/fill instruments in my DAW to sit "in between" vocals (when there is no singing). In these instances, I have to create multiple takes of the fill instrument and cut out the sections I don't want and sometimes moving different fills to different places.

I think this can be solved in the BB interface as follows:

(Assuming the song is in 4/4)

On the song composition form, where you enter the chords for the song, draw 4 segments for each beat in the bar. In each segment, there can be a colored circle or square, for example. Let's say I entered all of the chords in and have my complete song ready. I have bass, drums and piano as continuous instruments. I also have three fill instruments, guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Now I can play the song back while singing and, for example, if in the 3rd bar, 3rd and 4th beat there is a break on vocals, perhaps because that is the end of a line in the verse, I can click the icon which can launch a window.

This window can reference my three fill instruments, the guitar, mandolin or fiddle. I can then select guitar for these two beats. Let's say 3 bars later I have the same situation but instead I choose fiddle, and so on. Since Band in a Box already has these "licks" recorded, instead of having them piled on each other, they can be selectively played according to the users choice.

There might also be an option to "lock" or "regenerate" that particular fill on that bar as well, so they don't all regenerate if you regenerate the song.

If the 7 tracks in the mixer interface are color coded, this can be used as an easy reference. For example, when I am looking at the chords and see the box or square in the segment, if there are green ones scattered about, I can glance at the mixer and see the fiddle is the green track and I would know that's where the fiddle fills are.

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