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#516469 - 01/09/19 10:48 AM [Foro para el usuario de Band-in-a-Box en Español] Gracias...
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isidro Martinez1 Offline

Registered: 10/19/16
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Buenas tardes a los usuarios de este foro en español.

Soy Isidro Martinez, usuario de Band in a Box desde hace mas de 10 años (cuando el soporte del programa eran discos).

Recientemente he actualizado mi Biab Audiophile a 2019 y una vez más quiero expresar mi gratitud a PG Music por el Programa, sin el cual no podría haber escrito las cerca de 100 canciones que he hecho, ni disfrutar de tantas facilidades de Estilos y extraordinarios músicos profesionales.

También quiero expresar mi gratitud al Departamento de ventas de Pg músic por las atenciones recibidas, especialmente, a D. Carlos E. Arellano, por la profesionalidad que me ha demostrado, como músico y por su asesoramiento, en todo este tiempo, en las arduas tareas (para aficionados como yo) de las instalaciones, aprendizaje y manejo del programa.

Gracias a todos!!!

#517039 - 01/11/19 02:55 PM [Foro para el usuario de Band-in-a-Box en Español] Re: Gracias... [Re: isidro Martinez1]
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CarlosEArellano Offline
Productor Musical

Registered: 09/09/09
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Loc: Venezuela
Hola Isidro,

Nos complace enormemente saber que la experiencia de nuestros usuarios sea positiva y exitosa. Nos alegra que hayas logrado obtener resultados satisfactorios con Band-in-a-Box tanto en la instalación, funcionamiento, servicio y soporte, y por supuesto en la producción y recopilación de tu material musical, ya que esa es la idea y nuestro objetivo principales.

Desde PG Music te extendemos nuestro agradecimiento al reconocer nuestro trabajo, el cual realizamos con la absoluta convicción de que todos nuestros usuarios al igual que tú vean satisfechos sus requerimientos, necesidades y dudas, cuales-quiera sean.

Seguimos a tu orden esperando que sigas disfrutando de Band-in-a-Box y todos sus componentes.

PG Music

Carlos Eduardo Arellano
Https://RealTracks Artist (guitar)


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Summary of changes for build 614:
Fixed: Songs would not save plugins on tracks that had a Hi-Q patch selected previously.
Fixed: Hi-Q Patches would not load if the Sforzando VSTi was not in the VSTi plugin list.
Fixed: The Sforzando VSTi was not automatically being added to the VSTi plugin list during bootup (64 bit only).
Fixed: Loading the Hi-Q patch "Hi-Q 040 01 Synth, Analog, FatBass Sforzando" would cause an access violation error.
Fixed: Track Settings > Set Track offset [0] was not working properly.
Fixed: Importing MusicXML files was failing to include melody notes and lyrics.

VST DAW Plugin 1.10.4 fixes:
Improved: Generation is much faster, at least 4X.
Added: Notification dialog when generation is complete, and a setting to toggle this on/off.
Added: 32-Bit AAX plugin for Pro Tools 10.
Fixed: Soloist not generating on first attempt.
Fixed: MIDI tracks could be rendered at wrong tempo in the Master.
Fixed: Multiriff playback and bar highlighting
Added: Much faster MIDI renders: "No MIDI Renders" option in Custom Generate menu. If this is selected, any MIDI tracks will be left as MIDI and not rendered to wave which takes time.

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Summary of changes:
Fixed: Songs would not load or save VST data if larger than 1 megabyte, displaying flash message error "VST/FX data is too large to save".
Fixed: It was not possible to use the N key while entering note based lyrics in the Notation window.
Fixed: Recorded MIDI would be erased if also recording audio.
Fixed: The MIDI Driver dialog would not show the selected VSTi or DXi synth after choosing one in the Plugins window.
Updated: PDF and help file documentation.

Band-in-a-Box VST DAW Plugin 1.9.28 fixes:
There are lots of significant fixes and additions in this patch, especially related to some single track operations not working.

Fixed: Right-clicking generate bass track generated all individual tracks
Fixed: StylePicker, RealTracks Picker, and other style and instrument selection windows would sometimes open behind the main window, requiring you to alt+tab to see them.
Fixed: Loading demo from StylePicker or loading a song when a special track was already present sometimes added an extra RealTracks (special track) to page 2
Fixed: Output directory error.
Fixed: BBW sometimes not receiving message when run as administrator. This would cause some actions to hang or not work at all.
Fixed: Skip grey bars when moving selector through chordsheet.
Fixed: Dragging tracks into Reason would sometimes give a 'Not found' error message.
Fixed: AAX Plugin was not being recognized by Pro Tools.
Fixed: Problem scrolling chord table when crossing PartMarker during highlight.
Fixed: Repaint problem in Reason (possibly other DAWs).
Fixed: Some opened BB songs with realcharts on a frozen track would cause an access violation.
Added: Detailed log file written in BB Data folder bbw4exe_pluginLog.txt.
Fixed: Generation of single tracks would hang the program if the bb folder contained the file MaxPluginsToScan.txt containing Max=0. This file should not normally be present except in rare cases where a DX plugin scan failed.
Added: VST2 FX 32-bit version.
Improved: Installer has options for installing all plugin types. All files are now digitally signed.

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