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#516790 - 01/10/19 02:35 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Creating a cymbal track
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Registered: 12/01/06
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Hi All. In some of my songs I use realdrums. They work OK, but lack a hi hat. That is what I am trying to add.
I am trying to create a hi hat only track using my midi synth. I have tried to do one measure and then copy to the rest of the song. The problem is, the tempo changes almost measure to measure in the song . If I try to use the average tempo, it never lines up properly. If I try to cut and past measure by measure to get the beats to line up, it is a nightmare.
Any suggestions?


#517052 - 01/11/19 04:11 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: Creating a cymbal track [Re: Bernier]
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Are you copying/pasting MIDI or Audio?
If MIDI it should follow the Tempo Map, whether it waivers or not.

Have you used the ACW to adjust the Tempo Map yet?
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#517160 - 01/12/19 09:08 AM [PowerTracks Pro Audio] Re: Creating a cymbal track [Re: Bernier]
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why not use the PT drum grid editor? if you have the bars aligned correctly and a tempo map that deals with the variations then the drum grid editor can play a midi hihat exactly as you like and fill in as many bars as you like. you can even change the pattern for different sections.

it would be on a different track and can then be balanced with the mixer.

and in a mix a midi hi hat should be indistinguishable from the real thing if you have a decent soft synth (actually even a bog standard synth should be ok)


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