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#446724 - 12/22/17 10:19 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] NEW! Video RealTracks Sets!
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Video RealTracks are brand new with the release of Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows, and allow you to see actual footage of the musician playing along with your song!

There are 6 Sets available for just $19 each - during our December special we are offering some great deals on these:

Video RealTracks Set 1: Pop Ballad Band is included in the Free Bonus PAK
Video RealTracks Set 2: Country TrainBeat Band is included in the 2018 49-PAK
Video RealTracks Sets 3-6 are bundled together for the low price of only $49

Learn more about the new Video RealTracks and see them in action:

Have you had a chance to use these new Video RealTracks Sets? We'd love to hear what you think!
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#526178 - 02/24/19 05:53 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: NEW! Video RealTracks Sets! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Dear Sir,
I purchased BIAB a few months ago.
Windows version 2018.

Opened up the book and it talks about and the new features including "Video Realtracks"

I tried for over 2 hours trying figure out how to use Video Realtracks without any luck.

I then went into your forum and searched and found nothing about where they are in the program.

I finally did a general google search and discovered that they are an additional purchase.

Ok thats fine but on page 20 in the summary of new features in your book it mentions nothing about purchasing. I wasted two hours trying to figure out what the hell is going on and why they dont show up in the style browser.

You guys should mention that up front in the summary of new feature but you do not.

Supposedly you get a free Video Realtrack when purchasing the 2018 version or something like that but I guess I missed out somehow.

Anyway I do like your program but not your write ups and some of the info in your manual.

best regards,

#526264 - 02/25/19 07:38 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: NEW! Video RealTracks Sets! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Hi there were some video real tracks to down load when I bought my 2018 plus Pak
As part of the 49 bonus pack.

2018 Bonus 49PAK (49PAK-I)
2018 Bonus 49PAK (Windows) 1300 Download
Video RealTracks Set 002(a) (Windows) 1500 Download
Video RealTracks Set 002(b) (Windows) 1500 Download

These should be in your account downloads page to down load. Assuming your purchase qualified you for the 49 pack.

Here is a link to one i done at the time.

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#526293 - 02/25/19 09:18 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: NEW! Video RealTracks Sets! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Dennie, welcome to the forum. When you say you bought BIAB 2018 "a few months ago", I was wondering if that was November 1, 2018 or after?
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#526301 - 02/25/19 10:45 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: NEW! Video RealTracks Sets! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Originally Posted By: Callie - PG Music
Video RealTracks .... We'd love to hear what you think!

Now don't you start this discussion up again frown (sorry Callie)


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A Look Back... Band-in-a-Box® 2015 NAMM Demonstration #TBT

Watch Tobin (and Charlie!) demonstrate Band-in-a-Box® 2015 for Windows at the 2015 NAMM Show: Play video...

Tobin does a great job of showing just how easy it is to create a song with Band-in-a-Box!

This video was posted on January 23, 2015 to the Keyboard Instrument Chops and Gear YouTube Channel.

Enhance Your Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows Installation

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows users - update for FREE today!

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It's actually pretty simple - basically, if you select this option while you're installing the program, files with the extensions .SGU, .MGU, and other Band-in-a-Box files will open directly in the program if you select them from outside the program.

Missed this option during your setup, but you'd like to apply it now? Go to File | File Utilities | Associate File types with Explorer within the program.

New Update for RealBand 2021 Available!

Do you use RealBand (included in all Band-in-a-Box® for Windows purchases)? Download the latest free update, which resolves a small viewing issue for Windows 11 users.

When you download the latest update for RealBand 2021, it will add all the updates we've made this year. See the full list here.

Ear Training Games in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows

October 1, 2021 is National Kids Music Day!

Head to the Practice Window in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows, and you'll see fun games that are fun ear training options for kids: Music Replay & Pitch Invasion.

Of course, you don't have to be a kid to like these games, I think there a fun way to learn at any age!

Music Replay is just what it sounds like - the program plays a 1-bar melody, and the user plays it back. Get it right, and you'll keep building that melody (and skill) within the game - get it wrong, and you'll be met with a warning tone and have to try again... it's quite addictive, and a lot of fun!

If you like a classic arcade game, then you'll love Pitch Invasion! We've managed to incorporate aliens with pitch-recognition skills in this exciting game, where you'll match the pitch of the alien ship descending towards your planet trying to destroy your collection of instruments - match the pitch and you've saved your instruments, make a mistake and the ship keeps coming... you'll have a few tries to get it right, if you're quick, but if all your instruments are destroyed - it's game over! The game speeds up as your skills improve, and you'll earn points along the way, with bonus points available throughout the game.

Open up your Band-in-a-Box® for Windows today to give it a try!

These ear training games are also included in Musical Arcade for Windows.

How to Make Backing Tracks with Band-in-a-Box®, by Nick Kellie

Band-in-a-Box® endorsing artist Nick Kellie recently got his hands on the newest Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Mac, and put together this video showing off just how easy it is to make backing tracks in Band-in-a-Box®!

Band-in-a-Box Demo - How to make backing tracks

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