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#531540 - 04/04/19 08:14 PM [RealBand] Mixer settings won't stay
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Funkifized Offline

Registered: 04/09/02
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So, I've loaded a .mid file, but when I try to mix the volumes of the separate instruments, they set back to a default setting, all at the same volume when I stop playback. How do I save the mix I want? I'm not recording my mix moves in real time, I just want to start out with a particular mix, which won't keep after I stop playback.
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#531575 - 04/05/19 04:03 AM [RealBand] Re: Mixer settings won't stay [Re: Funkifized]
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In a downloaded MIDI file, the initial track volumes are probably hardcoded into the file. Go into the Event List and change the track volumes there, or delete them and use the RB mixer or sliders to set them, then do a "Save AS' on the file and that should help.

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#531695 - 04/05/19 04:36 PM [RealBand] Re: Mixer settings won't stay [Re: Funkifized]
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Along the same lines as Jeff .. just another way to do it;

On the selected track, Select the Whole track (hold CTRL + A) This sets the range for the edit.

Select all tracks you want to edit (Hold CTRL and click each track number in the Tracks window, or hold Shift and click the first, then the last track if you want them all).
Make all desired tracks are all selected.

Go to CUT
Make sure the 'Use data filter' option is checked

In the resulting window deselect every option except Ctrl (control changes)
Set the Range for this to be 7 thru 7 (Volume control)
Cut them all.

Now you should have a clean volume slate and be able to change/save/review as desired.

There are many ways to get rid of these annoying settings.
I don't blame the authors of said MID files; as they had to choose something .. the MID file they saved simply has the mixer settings that sounded best on their system.

If this doesn't work you can also try cutting Control Change 11 (by changing the settings in the data filter when cutting)
CC 11 is for Expression, which is the secondary control change for volume.

CC7 (control change) limits the loudest volume.
CC 11 (Expression) limits the expressive range (inside the CC7 overall volume)

Hope I didn't confuse this .. but it's MIDI so it's all events you can control.

One other change you could make in RB is to go to
Options-Prefs-MIDI-MIDI Out and try unchecking the box for
Send Most Recent Patch/Wheel/Controller

The latter is kind of a Hackey way of handling it since it just stops the song from resetting from the last command, but if you press start those last commands are going to be sent anyway, so many times it's better to simply remove them and start fresh. Saving when changes are made
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#588317 - 03/28/20 08:57 AM [RealBand] Re: Mixer settings won't stay [Re: Funkifized]
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goofeyfoot Offline

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I don't know whether mine is the same issue but here goes.

In RB I am using ASIO and I have about 4 midi tracks. Every time I hit play, I never know what I am going to get. Sometimes a track plays. Sometimes it doesn't play. Sometimes its volume is low. If I render to Wave same thing. Track sometimes play in the WAV file, sometimes not, sometimes volume is messed up etc.

Seems like every time I hit play I get a different, random result.

Am using that Coyote Forte plug in.


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#588376 - 03/28/20 02:31 PM [RealBand] Re: Mixer settings won't stay [Re: Funkifized]
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rharv Offline

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Are some of the track names blue?
If so try saving as a SEQ file.
Or using right click
Track - make all BB tracks regular tracks.

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#593382 - 04/21/20 11:04 AM [RealBand] Re: Mixer settings won't stay [Re: Funkifized]
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Ember - PG Music Offline
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Hello goofeyfoot,

If you would like to send in one of your songs you are specifically having issues with for testing, we can take a look at it and see if there might be something causing it. To do so, you can attach it to an e-mail at

Also, when it comes to some tracks playing and some not, did you happen to be working with a mix of MIDI versus Audio? I am wondering if perhaps something just needs to be adjusted in your MIDI or Audio settings.


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