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#536189 - 05/09/19 05:42 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] RealTrack Bass Samples for Sforzando
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Registered: 02/05/15
Posts: 4461
Watch Video

EDIT: this was updated as the Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 125 (Direct Input).sfz uses SH1255.wav only
Download sfz's

This will allow you to create you own RealTrack Bass patterns/riffs using midi (in the video it is using the RealChart midi as an example).
You can also use F5 to mute the RealTrack Bass and bring the Sforzando ReaTrack Bass in at any location.

You can try these out, if they are helpful I can create more for the other basses.
If you look in the Holds column in the RealTrack picker it will say what hold it uses.

To use from the shots folder (dragging into Sforzando):
extract Acoustic String Bass (33) Hold 73.sfz
to X:\bb\RealTracks\Library\Holds\Holds_73
extract Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 125.sfz
to X:\bb\RealTracks\Library\Holds\Holds_125
extract Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 125 (Direct Input).sfz
to X:\bb\RealTracks\Direct Input\Library\Holds\Holds_125

To use from Band-in-a-Box-Sounds menu in Sforzando:
rename C:\Program Files\PG Music Inc\Band-in-a-Box Sounds\Band-in-a-Box > Band-in-a-Box
extract Band-in-a-Box
to C:\Program Files\PG Music Inc\Band-in-a-Box Sounds\
extract Acoustic String Bass (33) Hold 73.sfz
extract Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 125.sfz
to C:\Program Files\PG Music Inc\Band-in-a-Box Sounds\Programs\Bass
extract Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 125 (Direct Input).sfz
to C:\Program Files\PG Music Inc\Band-in-a-Box Sounds\Programs\Bass\Direct Input

If you have wav files in your Hold folders skip this.
To create (mono)wav file from your wma use the method below.
If you have something else that will convert wma to mono wav use it.
If you have C:\bb\Data\ extract decompress.exe to the individual Hold folder to convert to wav.

If you are using from the Sforzando menu copy the wav files (Holds_125 SH1251.wav, SH1252.wav, SH1253.wav)
and (Holds_73 SH0731.wav) to
C:\Program Files\PG Music Inc\Band-in-a-Box Sounds\Programs\Bass\
and the Direct Input Hold wav files (Holds_125 SH1255.wav) to
C:\Program Files\PG Music Inc\Band-in-a-Box Sounds\Programs\Bass\Direct Input

To use Biab to convert wma to mono wav:

File > New
set tempo to 85bpm
freeze all tracks except Audio
Save Song As SH0731.SGU
(don't save it in the holds folder if you already have SH0731.wav)
File > Import > Import Audio ...
browse to X:\bb\RealTracks\Library\Holds\Holds_73
select SH0731.wma
import at the default location (the very start)
YES import as mono NOT stereo
you will see it in the Audio Edit window
File > Save Song

you will now have SH0731.wav (mono) in the Holds_73 folder
place the Acoustic String Bass (33).sfz in that folder also
now drag Acoustic String Bass (33).sfz into Sforzando vst
you should get bass notes from the keys while stopped if you have ASIO or MME Always On.

to test it out load the _J140_A2.STY then load the Demo Song for it,
mute the RealTrack Bass
open Piano Roll click B
right click > Select All Notes All Channels
right click on red note > Copy
click the M Melody track in Piano Roll
click your mouse just a touch after bar 1
right click > Paste
while the notes are all red
hold the shift key and drag the start of the first note to adjust the timing if out
make sure Snap up the top of Piano Roll is off,
now on the mixer select Plugins tab
click the Melody track [None] and load the Sforzand vst
now drag Acoustic String Bass (33).sfz into it.

If you are using MAC open the *.sfz with TextEdit and replace .wav with .aif if that's what you have, it should work with uncompressed aif if not use a wav file.

For anyone interested this is how you create them in the pic below,
if you DAW has a Sample option display for the time line,
get the start and end times for each note.
In Reaper ReaTune plugin will give the note and octave or or the free GTune vst
If you open the .sfz file with notepad you will see.

Now, back to my holiday...

See Full Screen


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#537700 - 05/22/19 10:59 AM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: RealTrack Bass Samples for Sforzando [Re: Pipeline]
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Icelander Online   content

Registered: 11/11/12
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Loc: Iceland
Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but... well, why not just issue this as a general purpose sfz with a simple drag'n-drop function (like the Karoyfer sets and similar) and skip all this renaming hoopla altogether confused
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#537714 - 05/22/19 02:02 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: RealTrack Bass Samples for Sforzando [Re: Icelander]
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Registered: 02/05/15
Posts: 4461
It uses your existing samples (RealTracks Holds) that you paid PG music for so I can't really upload them to give away for free.
If you just put the free sfz's from in the Hold folders it will work as long as you have the uncompressed wav in there.
Just drag
Acoustic String Bass (33) Hold 73.sfz,
Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 125.sfz
or Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 125 (Direct Input).sfz
from their folder straight into Sforzando, you can also make an alias for them on your desktop.
The other bit is if you want to add them to the PG Sforzand Library for quick access.
It does work really well and is well worth trying for adding custom bass riffs to a RealTrack Bass or for a whole midi track. You can easily create a break in the RealBass for a bass solo simply using F5 to mute the RealBass playing and bring in the midi track playing Acoustic String Bass (33) Hold 73.sfz then F5 back to normal and allow the RealBass to come back in.
PG could include these quite easily for users and maybe get around to sampling the non bass instruments to sfz giving uses a lot more control.


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#548285 - 08/05/19 02:09 PM [Post your own Tips and Tricks here] Re: RealTrack Bass Samples for Sforzando [Re: Pipeline]
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Registered: 02/05/15
Posts: 4461
Here's another I made for someone using that instrument:
Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 195.sfz
these are the notes for
Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockStraight Ev 120
Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockFunky Ev16 090
Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockShuffle Sw 130
Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockSlow12-8 Sw 060
Put this in X:\bb\RealTracks\Library\Holds\Holds_195
if you don't have wav save the wma/m4a as mono wav see here RealTrack Bass Samples for Sforzando or I think you can copy decompress.exe from C:\bb\Data\Util folder to that folder and run it (it may be in a zip) not sure if Mac has similar app for m4a ? but Free MediaHuman should, if you decompress the m4a to aif instead of wav replace all instances of wav with aif in the sfz file opened with text edit.
Drag Finger Electric Bass (34) Hold 195.sfz into Sforzando VSTi
it had 2 octaves but I added another in the instrument.
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