The main reason we have trouble with minor chords is that we don't see enough of them. When learning the major triads and their inversions, I found it a help to make BB practice tracks in different keys, 1-4-5 progressions. So, here is a simple play along (strum or arpegiate) to drill the eye-hand in the minor chords. I chose Am-Dm-Em because those minors keep popping up in CMaj songs. It is based on a simple c-f-g Old Time Religion. I reasoned that the relative minors of each chord, which produces an Am Dm Em progression might work. Maybe someone has a better thought on that. There is a :20 intro and then five four bar choruses as follows:

00:00-:00:20 Intro:
Intro) Am Dm Am/Em Am
:00:20 - 04:29 Verse (X5):
line 1) Am Am Em Am
line 2) Am Dm Am/Em Am (to 00:45 and repeat)
line 3) Am Am Em Am
line 4) Am Dm Am/Em Am7 & Out at 00:04:34

Am Practice

For those who may not know, the Triads and their inversions are three note chords, 1-3-5, 3-5-1, & 5-1-3 each played in three neck positions, easily found on You Tube. Don't forget to play on all six strings. Sometimes easier to break it down upper (e-a-d strings) and lower (g-b-e strings) at first. Comments welcome.

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