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#545558 - 07/15/19 09:40 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Piano pieces quite glossy
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Antho1965 Offline

Registered: 04/14/15
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In 2019 I upgraded to the Audiophile version hoping that would help with some of the glossiness that occurred when I was using the standard version of BB.

However even having a piano part that is only 10 BPM off the original piano part tempo still seems to cause a fair bit of glossiness or obvious stretching sounds to the piano. Some other instruments are noticeable as well but I find the piano the worst by far.

Is there something I can do setup wise to reduce or eliminate this effect, as I do use BB and RB for recording purposes and would like it to sound as good as possible.

Thanks All.

#545610 - 07/15/19 04:28 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Piano pieces quite glossy [Re: Antho1965]
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Noel96 Offline

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As you've pointed out, stretching RTs to fit slower tempos or shrinking them to fit faster tempos introduces the likelihood of creating audio artifacts. This depends on the instrument. Like you, I've found that piano RTs don't respond well to change.

A few years ago, PG Music used to recommend that -10bpm slower and +15bpm faster was a good range for most RTs. I don't know if this is still recommended or not.

If you want to get good sounds, MIDI Supertracks will allow for greater variation in tempo but the output sound quality will depend on the synthesiser you use. I find that with EZ Keys, MIDI Supertracks sound exactly like the real thing.

Other than that, it's possible to restrict BIAB to using non-transposed tracks where possible. This will help reduce the artifacts but may not eliminate them. The setting is found in "Song Settings" and it's called "Avoid transposition in Realtracks" -- activate this option.

With the above option active, BIAB will look for RTs that are exact and not transpose a close key. For example, if you enter an Ebm chord, with the option inactive, BIAB may well substitute Dm and transpose it upwards a semitone. With the option active, though, BIAB will look for Ebm and only transpose if the Ebm chord does not exist in the RT's audio track.

The reason I mention this option is because stretching an already transposed chord will increase the likelihood of creating artifacts.



#545612 - 07/15/19 05:15 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Piano pieces quite glossy [Re: Antho1965]
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I concur with Noel about stretching or shrinking.

But when I hear the term “glossy” it seems like tone is being described. This is the most forgotten parameter of the mixer. Unless you make the mixer wider, you don’t even see a tone slider, only a number (0). In the event it helps, not with artifacts but with actual tone, give it a try.
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