Here's my problem:

I've written an old timey country waltz duet (think Louvin Brothers material).

In the past, I found it easy to locate various RealStyles in 4/4 time and doctor them with RealTracks to make a good bluegrass backing track.

But I'm finding the options with 3/4 time are far more limited in BiaB!

If I load a RealStyle that's in 4/4 time, I can't change the time signature.
So I look for a RealStyle in 3/4 time (say, 34BGSLOW, a bluegrass slow waltz).
But that style -- and all the other suitable ones in 3/4 time -- are all MIDI format styles.

OK, I think, I'll just load the MIDI style anyway to get the correct time signature. Then supposedly I can mute all the tracks in it except for bass and one guitar, swap in a RealTrack bass and a RealTrack rhythm guitar, and I should be good to go. Except...

The RealTrack options for acoustic rhythm guitar in 3/4 time are nearly nonexistent -- the RealTracks in my packages (see my packages below) all seem to be either unsuitable time signatures or tempo, or they're so syncopated and modern and busy that they sound totally wrong in an old country waltz.

Does anyone know how to find a simple boom-chuck-chuck 3/4 waltz RealStyle (i.e., real instruments, not MIDI) for Band in a Box?

Or, alternatively, just a RealTrack of a real guitar playing that same simple strum in 3/4 time at somewhere around 105 BPM?

The packages I have are:

RealPAK: Country 1 (RPC1-I)
Country RealPAK Vol 1 RealDrums (Windows) 357 Download
CountryPAK Vol 1 RealTracks (Windows) 484 Download
RealTracks Set 2 (Windows) 300 Download
RealTracks Set 3 (Windows) 295 Download
RealTracks Set 4 (Windows) 206 Download
RealTracks Set 8 (Windows) 200 Download
RealTracks Set 9 (Windows) 198 Download
RealTracks Sets 11-12 (Windows) 982 Download
RealTracks Sets 33-34 (Windows) 1012 Download
RealTracks Sets 35-39 (Windows) 942 Download

Loops Set 2 and Held Chord Styles (Windows) 971 Download
Pro RealTracks 1 (Windows) 2000 Download
Pro RealTracks 2 (Windows) 2000 Download
Pro RealTracks 3 (Windows) 2000 Download
Pro RealTracks 4 (Windows) 2000 Download
Pro RealTracks 5 (Windows) 2000 Download
Pro RealTracks 6 (Windows) 1500 Download