Has anyone used the Open Special Open Next File (Shift-F8) option in RealBand 2019 Build 4 (latest)?

I've sent a support request to PGMusic but of course they are not going to be back as far as support until Monday.

I want to use the open next file functionality but am seeing some annoyances.

I have a USB foot switch programmed to generate the Shift-F8 hot key and that is working well.

But it appears that open next file only opens .SEQ files. It skips MIDI files, Wav and Mp3 files.

If I save the MIDI, Wav and Mp3 files as .SEQ then it does load those just fine.

If I have a mix of .SEQ, .MP3/.WAV with corresponding .cdg files it doesn't load the MP3 / WAV files as noted above, and of course doesn't bring up the Lyrics window with the .cdg file content.

So then I do a normal File Open of a .MP3 with a .cdg file and it loads and plays normally.

But then if I do Shift-F8 it loads a "LatencyAdjust" file from somewhere with one Audio track and one MIDI track. And continuing to press Shift-F8 just keeps reloading the LatencyAdjust file and does NOT advance to loading the next file in the list.

The files are all named in sequence (starting with 01_File1.seq, 02_File2.seq, 03_File3.mp3, 03_File3.cdg, ...

So has anyone here ever used the open next file option and did you experience the same issues? If so did you find a solution?