This is an article written by a person who creates doctored vids and images in order to help others detect them.

Why people believe even the obvious ones

My point in posting this is not to inform anybody that these exist or could be a problem. I think most of us here know that already. No, the great thing about this article is when she asked her son about it and his response was “You can’t trust anything on the internet. Of course I wouldn’t think it’s real, because nothing is.”

This is actually great news at least to me. I've heard that same response from a few young people I know including my granddaughter. Millennials are now the largest demographic in the country and probably the developed world. The kids grew up with social media and the internet. They're very smart and know what's going on.

The problem is the same one we run into here on these forums. Older folks who are not that savvy are the ones getting fooled while the kids just laugh about it.

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