Can anyone help me with the Soloist Dialog? I am using the newest Mac 2019 UltraPak version with newest build 308. I am trying to select specific bars to play a soloist track.

If I use the Soloist tab under Tracks, it gives two drop down options. “Add Best Real Tracks soloist to soloist track” works fine. I can add whatever soloist I want and it generates the track and plays. But that way I don’t have control over the specific bars in the song.

“Open soloist dialog to choose MIDI or RealTrak soloist” option, however, will not work. The soloist dialog box opens, but whatever way I try to choose something, I get this error message :
“RealTraks generated successfully. Note: No RealTrak solo written, likely because soloist dialog options are set to not generate a solo if melody is present.” I have made sure that the section in soloist dialog for "Solo which choruses?” has "Yes-solo" selected for all the choruses, but that doesn’t help. I have tried Solo mode Normal, just choosing the same track as under the “Add Best…” menu, but still gives the same error message. Also using custom, to try and select the specific bars, same thing.

I can go to the RealTracks picker through the RealTracks drop down tab and choose a track for the soloist, and even choose multiple tracks under medley, and it works fine. That is a work around, by choosing parts to have a RealTrack in the medley, but still can’t choose specific bars as easily as under soloist dialog, custom, if it would work.

Any ideas? It seems that I must just be missing a simple setting somewhere.