Forum member Johne1 made this request. "It would be nice if I could include a walking bass line between 2 chords. I'd like the first chord to sustain ringing, while the walking bass line is moving underneath it."

To have the bass line follow a completely different chord progression, after a generation of the song, start by freezing each mixer channel except the bass channel. Once the other instrument tracks are frozen, modify your chord chart for the bass to follow and regenerate. Only the bass track will regenerate. This method also allows multiple regenerations of the bass (or any other track set up this way) track to get the bass line you want.

An example that will do what is requested in the original post is perhaps in measure 4 in your project is populated with | G... for a hold and you want the bass to continue playing without holding. All instruments hold and ring out as the bass completes a walking progression.

Do this:

Generate your song normally including all instruments.

Freeze all tracks except Channel one - Bass

Modify measure 4 with | G,F,EM,G progression replacing | G...

Regenerate the Bass track and it will play the new chord progression and all the other instruments will play the hold...

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