A brand-new Band-in-a-Box Add-on is HERE!

Loops-with-Style PAK 1 for Band-in-a-Box® 2019 (and higher) expands your loops collection with 100 new loops!

We've taken the RealDrums and RealTracks source audio and remixed, remastered, and combined it to create these original loops. All of your favorite genres are covered, like jazz, funk, rock, pop, electronic, hip-hop, and more! To show them in action, we've created 50 new RealStyles that each include two of the loops. Plus, if you use the loops in Band-in-a-Box, we've included intelligent versions of the loops that automatically switch at A and B part markers. Each loop has a matching sister loop that works perfectly for another substyle!

Add Loops-with-Style PAK 1 to your collection today for just $29: https://www.pgmusic.com/addons.loopswithstyle.php?os=win

Click here for more information.

Listen to audio demos of the new RealStyles included with Loops-with-Style PAK 1 for Band-in-a-Box®:
_1STKISS - First Kiss Rock Ballad with Loop
_90SFMRK - 1990s Radio Pop Rock w Drum Loop
_AMRILLO - Amarillo Texas Blues with Loop
_ANVIL - Anvil Hard Rock with Bass Loop
_ATLANTA - Atlanta Georgia Funk w Drum Loop
_BADLOVE - Bad Love Hard-Hitting RnB w Loop
_BIGHAIR - Big Hair '80s Pop Rock Drum Loop
_BOOGIE - Boogie Disco Funk with Drum Loop
_BREAKRS - Breakers Jazz Pop Sw w Drum Loop
_BRUSHPK- Brush Park '60s Soul Pop w Loop
_CABANA - Cabana Tropical House Drum Loop
_CAPTIV8 - Captivate Chill Electronica Loop
_CHILHP2 - Chill Hop Slow Brush Break Loop
_CONFESS - Confess RnB Slow Jam Brush Loop
_CSHORE- Seashore Light Pop w Guitar Loop
_DETROIT - Detroit Soul Funk Shuffle w Loop
_ECHOED - Echoed Cloud Rap with Drum Loop
_ENERGIA - Energia Bossa Rock w Drum Loop
_FEELNGS - Feelings Electro Pop Ballad w Loop
_GALAXY - Galaxy Dreamy Hip Hop w Sub Loop
_GROOVIN - Groovin' Modern Funk w Bass Loop
_HEAVENS - Heavens Campfire Folk Pop w Loop
_HERVOIS - Her Voice Electro Hip Hop w Loop
_HOUSE - Basic House EDM with Drum Loop
_JUNEDAY - June Day Summer Folk with Loop
_KAHUNA- Kahuna Modern Surf Pop with Loop
_LAUNCH - Launch Fast Pop Rock with Loop
_MUNICH - Munich Euro Dance Pop with Loop
_MURCIA - Murcia Rumba Flamenca with Loop
_NASHVIL - Nashville Pop w PS and Drum Loop
_NITE_IN - Night In Conga Loop Jazz Ballad
_NOSWEAT - No Sweat Fast Bongo Funk w Loop
_OLDFUNK - Old Funk Bongo Break with Loop
_REDFURY - Red Fury Hard Rock w Drum Loop
_REGGAE - Reggae Classic with Drum Loop
_REMEMBR - Remember Light Shuffle Hip Hop
_RIDDIM - Riddim Dancehall Beat with Loop
_RIVERTN - Rivertown '60s Soul Swing w Loop
_SASHAY - Sashay Dance Pop with Drum Loop
_SEAWALL - Seawall Modern Jazz w Drum Loop
_SILVER - Silver Modern RnB with Drum Loop
_SORRIR - Sorrir Brazilian Samba with Loop
_SPYTALK - Spy Talk Jazz Noir w Congas Loop
_TERROR - Terror Haunting Hip Hop Drum Loop
_TOFINO - Tofino Mellow Folk w Perc Loop
_TRIPEAR - Tripear Merengue with Drum Loop
_UPBEAT - Upbeat Latin Funk w Drum Loop
_VINALES - Vinales Cuban Dance Pop w Loop
_WAHFUNK - Wah-Wah Funk with Guitar Loop
_YELOBUS - Yellow Bus Funk Rock w Drum Loop

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