How to use StyleMaker Artist Search Feature with BIAB Medley and the RB Multiriff to compose an instrumental demonstration of comped guitar soloist tracks. The tracks are comped from two different recording sessions of a RealTrack Solo with one recorded in RB and the other in BIAB. The RB audio track was imported into BIAB and mixed with the BIAB generated soloist. Both recording sessions contains 8 separate instruments punch in\overdubs per take to create the two soloist stereo files mixed to this final version.

The RealBand session used the Multiriff feature and totals 56 (8X7) multiriffs generated where each multiriff is a combination of two different guitar RealTracks. Each multiriff generates a different Dwight Sills RealTrack to mix between another one of his RealTracks.

The second recording session was done completely in BIAB using the Medley Feature to create two instruments interchanging every four bars using all 8 different RealTracks of artist Dwight Sills onto a single Mixer Channel. I left gaps at some bars for room to mix in the RB audio track. I used the Artist Search Feature in StyleMaker to search for RealTracks recorded by a single artist.

From the BIAB Stylemaker, using the Artist Search Feature, I located BIAB session artist Dwight Sills. Searching located 40 styles and 8 different RealTracks. Using the RealTrack Picker, I listed the 8 different RealTracks and auditioned to confirm all the tracks are the same guitar. There are even styles, swing styles, Rhythm tracks and Soloist tracks. Tempos range from 65 to 100 providing an mean tempo of 83.

A channel in the BIAB Mixer can have up to 10 instruments playing alternately or simultaneously. This feature provides the opportunity to construct a track that will generate and render audio of a mixture of all 8 of the different RealTracks recorded by Dwight Sills.

I duplicated this procedure in RB using Multiriff (Choose) to change the instruments for each Multiriff. I used the Part Markers to create variety in the audio searching and also to mark where I wanted the instruments to change out.

I rendered the final version of the song from these two sessions using BIAB and the RB Soloist audio track loaded on the Mixer Audio Channel.

This is but a single example of the literally dozens of variations and combinations possible using this feature. It's quick and easy to program and generate a complex and unique arrangement comped from a much greater selection of audio clips than a normal generation or multiriff of a single Realtrack will ever produce.

Rather than getting only 7 variations of a single RealTrack that Multiriff in BIAB or RB produces, this technique is searching all the audio of 8 RealTracks by the same artist playing the same instrument using multiple styles, feels and tempos.

I've included some screenshots for clarity and the link to the final version I uploaded to SoundCloud.

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