Band-in-a-Box 2020 build 713 is available

This Includes DAW Plugin update to 2.4.5.

Summary of changes for build 713

  • Fixed: Rendered audio files might be silent if mono and 24 bit are selected.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when rendering to audio at 48.0kHz or 96.0kHz sample rate.
  • Improved: Better support for localized versions.
  • Fixed: Importing audio files that were 96 kHz sampling rate would fail.
  • Fixed: The [More Info...] button in the Artist Browser dialog would launch the wrong web page.
  • Fixed: Importing an ABCNotation file would not include the key signature.
  • Fixed: ABC files only opening some chords.
  • Fixed: Problem storing minor keys.(ampersand).
  • Fixed: A few artists not displaying properly in Artist Browsers.
  • Improved: RealDrums Picker information for the 2020 RealDrums has been updated/improved.
  • Fixed: Some of the RealDrums from the 2020 release did not have drum groove names.
  • Improved: All of the 2020 MIDI SuperTracks now have memos.
  • Fixed: Some RealTracks were listed under the incorrect Set# in the RealTracks Picker.
  • Fixed: _Gentle style from Xtra PAK 4 had an acoustic guitar set to Held mode.
  • Fixed: Some ska style demos had drum drop outs.
  • Fixed: Rendered files were not being normalized.
  • Fixed: Pressing spacebar in the Notation window might launch a web browser instead of starting playback.
  • Fixed: Practice window | Master Solos | Blues Piano, displays N/A.
  • Fixed: MusicXML files created by Band-in-a-Box cannot be loaded by Band-in-a-Box if song title contains & (ampersand).
  • Fixed: Japanese lyrics are garbage text when saving to MusicXML.
  • Fixed: Various animations (eg. Guitar window notes) would freeze during playback if using MME drivers.
  • Fixed: With some computers, distorted audio when soloing a track.
  • Fixed: Changing a custom track label had no option to Undo, and did not prompt user to save song.
  • Updated: Manual/Help [routine updates]
  • Fixed: When re-saving a song that has an audio track, the audio track was not copied.
  • Fixed: Dropping a song file onto Band-in-a-Box did not set the current directory.
  • Fixed: The RealTracks picker window should remember its location when reopening.
  • Fixed: The Piano Roll window was opening at the wrong bar location.
  • Improved: Better quality audio resampling when rendering audio to higher sample rates.
  • Fixed: Resampler quality setting in ASIO drivers dialog was ignored.
  • Fixed: Using WAS audio drivers with 24 bit & 48kHz output rate might result in noise.

Summary of Changes for DAW Plugin Update 2.4.5

  • Fixed: Opening Band-in-a-Box song files (.sgu) would fail if the file names and/or paths contained any European language characters (eg. à,è).
  • Fixed: Message if bbw4 has no valid handle
  • Fixed: Mute and sync buttons not working properly
  • Fixed: Clicking cancel would lag before cancelling
  • Fixed: Right-click anywhere on track for context menu
  • Fixed: Increase maximum chord sheet font size
  • Added: Double click track name to launch picker of currently selected track
  • Added: Flashing GENERATE button to notify if song needs to be regenerated
  • Added: Mute and sync buttons to track context menu
  • Added: Right-click chord opens bar settings menu at that bar
  • Added: Error code for bbw4 related error messages
  • Fixed: Plugin asking to save when booting the plugin and selecting File/Open
  • Fixed: Crash when running vst3 plugin in reaper
  • Fixed: Scroll bar margins when resizing plugin
  • Fixed: Bar settings not saving
  • Fixed: Time Base, and Natural Arrangement not saving settings
  • Fixed: Calling bbw4 when already open will bring windows to front
  • Fixed: Tool tips in Preferences Dialog
  • Fixed: Time signature should be set from DAW when first opened
  • Fixed: Set "..." colours for truncated chords to black
  • Fixed: Selected track in table should be more obvious
  • Fixed: Click YES to Save dialog and then cancel will reset save state to true
  • Added: Right click for track table context menu
  • Added: Medley/Multi (thickening) feature

Summary of changes for build 709

  • Fixed: If opening a song from version 2019 or earlier, any Audio Chord Wizard bar lines might be offset.
  • Fixed: Access violation in Song Titles browser if no song is selected when clicking [Close].
  • Fixed: If running the Feature Browser from one of the [?] buttons, the [Do It] would not "do it".
  • Fixed: The Drop Station would not update if dropping a file onto Presonus Studio One.
  • Fixed: Dragging from the Drop Station directly onto Band-in-a-Box should only be allowed if dragging onto the Audio Edit window.
  • Fixed: Dropping an audio file in Audio Edit window should assume location zero if dropping outside of the wave area.
  • Updated: Many of the memos in the RealTracks Picker.
  • Improved: Drum transcriptions for several RealDrums have been improved or added. This includes BossaBrazilBrushPercAlex^, BluesRock128^, AmericanaSlow128Fred, BossaBrazilPercAlex^, BossaBrushesPerc^, HipHop, RockHardModernEv8^, SmoothJazzBallad^, PopRockWaltzEv,SideStickHat,Ride
  • Improved: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzBluesCompMiles Sw 140 (RT3507) and Bass, Acoustic, JazzBluesNeilAB Sw 140 (RT3476) play better as rhythm styles with more natural sounding phrase selection.
  • Fixed: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzBluesCompOlly Sw 140 (RT3480) was silent over some chords.
  • Improved: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompMiles Sw 140 (RT3506) and Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompOlly Sw 140 (RT3471) have smoother playing on some chord types.
  • Improved: Bass, Acoustic, RhythmChangesNeilAB Sw 140 (RT3476) Improved riff variations for some chords, smoother playback.

Summary of changes for build 708

  • Added: Several Drums transcriptions added (SurfRock, Shaker, and Bongo styles).
  • Updated: RealTracks memos for the RealTracks Picker are improved/updated.
  • Fixed: 2020 Tooltips may not have displayed correctly or at all.
  • Added: Some new styles and demos added to MIDI SuperTracks Set 31.
  • Added: Many new styles and demos added to RT Sets 329-352, and the bonus PAK.
  • Fixed: Crash with error "external exception C06D007F" while launching if using Windows XP.
  • Improved: Feature Browser button.
  • Fixed: The Piano Roll window was not redrawing after Edit > Undo.
  • Fixed: The Delete key was not working in the Piano Roll Window.
  • Fixed: Possible Invalid pointer error when using the Guitar Chord Solo generator.
  • Fixed: Blank icons in the StyleMaker window.
  • Fixed: Access violation when generating audio harmonies.
  • Fixed: (DAW Plugin) Audio harmonized voices transcribed to separate tracks was not working.

Summary of changes for build 707

  • Fixed: If Band-in-a-Box is run as administrator, dropping files onto the main window did not work.
  • Improved: If Band-in-a-Box is run as administrator, the About dialog window title will include "running as administrator”.
  • Fixed: If running Band-in-a-Box in safe mode, the Audio Chord Wizard did not produce any chords.
  • Fixed: Possible freeze when importing compressed audio files.
  • Fixed: The Guitar window was not saving its width between program sessions.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to change the Guitar fretboard color.
  • Fixed: The Guitar window did not display the capo.
  • Improved: Guitar capo setting can be changed by right-clicking the fret position bar.
  • Improved: Feature Browser has more video links now.
  • Updated: PDF Manual/Help (routine updates)

DAW Plugin Update 2.2.8

  • Added: p hotkey for adding part markers in chord sheet.
  • Fixed: Dragging all Multi-Riffs only drags tracks 2 - 7.
  • Fixed: Plugin opens songs with flats instead of sharps.
  • Fixed: Tag shortcuts should auto enable tags.
  • Fixed: Adding tags with 1 chorus should show an error message.
  • Fixed: Plugin asking user to save when nothing was edited.
  • Fixed: Multi-Riffs not playing in sync with host.
  • Fixed: Midi sending empty messages during synced audio playback.
  • Fixed: GENERATE button only generating Multi-Riffs of entire song (even when section was highlighted).
  • Fixed: Octave doubling would be incorrect.
  • Fixed: Spurious log error messages.

Summary of changes for build 705

  • Added: Several "Multi" RealTracks added for vocals and horns (RealTracks Picker).
  • Fixed: Some RealStyles were being categorized as all-MIDI styles.
  • Fixed: File > Open Special > Open MusicXML File... was filtering out compressed .mxl files.
  • Fixed: Dropping a .musicxml or .mxl file onto Band-in-a-Box was not accepted.
  • Fixed: Audio harmonized voices transcribed to Soloist track should be on channels 1-4 instead of channel 2.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might freeze during bootup after upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • Fixed: Audio artifacts at bar lines when using Equalize Tempos feature.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box would crash if selecting a Hi-Q patch on the same track more than once.
  • Fixed: The Audio Edit window did not always ensure that the current playback position was scrolled into view.
  • Fixed: When dropping an audio file onto the Audio Edit window, the "Snap" setting was ignored.
  • Improved: Thickened is displayed in RealTracks names in RealTracks picker (and other RealTracks picker dialogs), and on mixer for RealTracks names. In RealTracks picker, searching for word "thickened" will show only thickened RealTracks.
  • Improved: Speed of some operations when searching and filtering for styles.
  • Fixed: DAW Plugin - Rebuild and Fix buttons in RealTracks picker now called ReBuild and it justs rebuilds the RealTracks list.
  • Added: Many styles and demos added to MIDI SuperTracks Sets 30 and 31.
  • Added: Many new styles and demos added to RT Sets 329-352, and the bonus PAK.
  • Updated: PDF Manuals and help (routine updates).
  • Fixed: Medleys and Thickened RealTracks were not playing in proper stereo.
  • Fixed: Rendering to audio with a region of bars selected renders the wrong region.
  • Fixed: Rendering to audio with a region of bars selected causes the Choose Range dialog to appear.
  • Fixed: Drag & drop render to audio with region of bars selected causes corrupt .wav file if not 16bit, 44.1kHz.
  • Fixed: Rendering was a bit slower than necessary when exporting 16 bit, 44.1kHz.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box may become unresponsive after rendering to audio.
  • Fixed: The Sinsy Vocal Synth would fail if using the 64 bit version.
  • Fixed: When using the Sinsy Vocal Synth feature, the Import Audio File dialog is not needed.
  • Fixed: Various audio formats would fail to import.
  • Fixed: FakeSheet button in the Custom tool panel was not displaying the check mark.
  • Added: [Reset to Zero] button added to Import Audio File dialog.

DAW Plugin 2.1.5

  • Fixed: Generate Custom (This Page[]) not working
  • Fixed: Crash when opening saved plugin with part marker on bar 2 and
    none on bar 1
  • Fixed: A,B does not get entered into chord sheet
  • Fixed: Chords being displayed in Roman Numeral without user setting
  • Fixed: Plugin getting stuck while connecting to bbw4
  • Added: context menu option in style page to use existing RT as MR
  • Added: undo/redo functionality (chordsheet only)

Summary of changes for build 704 (Dec 2, 2019)

  • Fixed: Possible crash when starting playback if song contains audio track.
  • Fixed: Flickering in the Notation Window, especially during playback.
  • Fixed: Flickering in the Piano Roll window.
  • Fixed: Help menu item "Activate Band-in-a-Box" should say "De-Activate" if the user is already activated.
  • Updated: PDF manuals have miscellaneous fixes.

Summary of changes for build 703 (Nov 30, 2019)

  • Incorrect package/version problem when running download manager utility
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