I found this in the PreSonus forums. If you use BIAB with Studio One, you may like the option of having more colors available for your Studio One audio and mixer tracks. I also made a custom color set that includes a set of grays.

Here's a toolbar add-on that allows you to create, store, import and export custom color sets of 40 colors using any RGB colors to color tracks or events.

It's use is self explanatory but if you want to create a series of the same shade like in the sample image turn on 'Hold' and then use Next (or Prev) Color to hold the RGB values while moving to the next or previous item before making it lighter (or darker). Click 'Set' to make a change.

To install this, put it in the application \scripts folder and restart Studio One.


Put the file in your studio one folder on your hard drive inside of scripts. For example on windows it's C drive - Program Files - Presonus Studio One 4 - Scripts

On the Mac go to your main apps folder and right click on the Studio One 4 icon. Then click on Show Package contents. A contents folder will appear. Open this and you will see the Scripts folder there. Put this script inside there. This is the only place it works. Nowhere else.

Reboot Studio One and it will show up in the toolbar.

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MacBook Pro mid 2014 2.5GHz Intel Core i7 16GB RAM
MacOS Big Sur 11.7.1
Studio One Professional v5.xx,
Logic Pro 10.7.4
PreSonus USB AudioBox 1818VSL

Running BIAB from the external 2023 HD supplied by PG