There are plenty of UserTracks in the UserTracks Forum
and (there's even RealDrums)
download them (7zip will extract rar) and just make a copy of the SGU file and rename it MGU.
Now it will open in PowerTracks,
Set PT to Snap select the first 2 bars (these should be empty bars), hit delete,
Hold Ctrl to select the audio track and Ctrl+drag to move it to the start,
Now set the project Tempo to the same tempo as the song you want to add it to Stretching Audio.
You can also Transpose the whole audio and chords by Selecting Key,
or a bar/s selection by right click "Time Stretch & Pitch Shift....", then just change the chord manually.

Right click on ptw.exe and select Run Sandboxed
Open your SEQ song
Now with Snap enabled simply highlight the bars in the chord sheet of the UserTrack you need and drag the track number into the tracks's bar of your song in the sandboxed PowerTracks,
a lot of the UserTracks will have endings and shots n holds,
if you click on the Bar button in the Chord Sheet then the UserTracks button it will tell you what bars are Endings etc..
When you have made up the track simply drag the track number into a track in the UserTrack PowerTracks, it won't go in but will export to:

Now close all PowerTrack apps don't need to save,
Open PowerTracks the normal way and open your song SEQ,
Now simply drag the new track file from the above folder into PowerTracks.

Always open PowerTracks normally for the UserTrack FIRST then open the 2nd instance with SandBoxie by right click ptw.exe

See Full Screen

See Full Screen

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