soemtimes its easier to use nodes than record mixer moves but i got it wrong first time i tried it. the temptation is to add a node at the new volume but that leads to a real problem. the program gradually changes volume from the previosu volume to the new node.

i wanted to mute a track for just two bars so entered a zero node and the program faded the volume from its previous set level over about thirty bars and introduced loads of cc7 changes in the event list.

the trick is to enter before and after nodes. a first node for the volume set most recently (if the current volume is 75 add a node on the node line at 75)and then the new volume a little later. often you can see a 'gap' in the audio and if you zoom in you can place the 'after' node very close so you get an instant change - unless of course you want a gradual one. to get a fader move up do the reverse.

obvious when you think about it but i got it wrong first time.

and if you do end up with lots of CC7s use the data filter to remove them en masse not dlete them one by one which will drive you mad

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