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#594211 - 04/25/20 01:37 PM [I want a video that shows me how to ....] Piano solo
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So far having good success with backing tracks to do some Chet Baker style vocals and trumpet solo's. Basically following Chet's recorded versions on songs. For piano solo's I'm just increasing the volume of the piano by roughly 50% during a piano solo. Not very cool but it keeps the songs from getting too short without the piano solo. Is there a way to actually add a piano solo? Notice that under styles there are several solo capabilities for horns. Would like to keep the feel of (the Freddie Green quartet style) but have the piano solo.

I'm assuming there is a way to have a friend play a solo and somehow load that into the BiaB backing track. Don't feel as I'm ready to do that as it sounds very complicated.

Really amazed at the sound quality this program can produce and having great fun playing along.


#594266 - 04/25/20 05:49 PM [I want a video that shows me how to ....] Re: Piano solo [Re: heatus]
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You can add additional instruments to any BIAB style regardless of the type of style it is. BIAB (Band in a Box) has a lot of variety and choices of pianos to play solos for your songs. There are MIDI, MIDI SuperTracks and RealTracks. You are also correct that you can also have someone play a live recorded instrument into BIAB to mix with the BIAB backing tracks. Also, someone can pre-record audio and that can be used as well.

I can't completely answer your question whether you need to create space (add additional bars) for your piano soloist or just need to add an additional piano instrument to your style of backing track instruments. Regardless, whichever you may need, it's possible to do both in BIAB.
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Sneak peak...
...PG Music has gone deeper into several styles, using more or fewer instruments, adding unexpected ones, and giving some surprising make-overs. Others are more focused versions of particular styles with more extreme attention to the best of that genre. Other ones combine styles that sound great, such as adding a banjo to a rock or blues track, or a jazz sax to a folk style. There are many wonderful combinations to try out that will expand any songwriter or arranger’s palette. These are the things that make certain songs stand out, and experimenting with them is not just fun (a lot of fun!) but it will expand your horizons on what is possible and even excellent. For instance, my light jazz arrangement worked very well as a country song, which floored me, and also as a folk-alt-jazz fusion. One sax solo was worth the price of admission alone, as it sounds terrific in any of the arrangements.
-"Dr. Dave" Walker

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