Hi, yesterday I got an email from Native Instruments that I would get AUD $150 (about US$100 I assume) off the Komplete 12 Select pack. This makes the pack half price and in fact less than the cost of some of the inclusions.

I downloaded and installed it overnight. This really builds up Kontakt with a Scarbee Rickenbecker bass, more drums, a nice piano and what I was looking at, the Vintage Organs. You only need the Kontakt Player (free) for these instruments to work.

You also get several other synths including Massive if you are into that stuff.

This is a great deal if you are into Kontakt. Learning Kontakt has kept me very busy for that past few months, it is extremely powerful and flexible. The scripting is fun, I now have my old Telecaster set up in Kontakt (albeit not so brilliant but it works).

Anyway back to the point. The Komplete 12 Select offer is really great. I don’t know if it is generally available. It requires redeeming a token word sent in the email.

If you are thinking of buying Kontakt look at buying a library that qualifies for a discount on Kontakt first. I spent money on a library and got a discount on Kontakt that was more than the cost of the library. The only issue is, that it is easy to fill up a disk with stuff you might rarely if ever use.

The only software I use on a regular basis is BIAB, Cakewalk and Reaper (also Izotope mixing and mastering plugins). So is it worth it is a question. For me yes.

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Roland Quad Capture, Launchkey 61, Maton CW80, Telecaster + more
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