The latest RealBand 2020 Update includes enhancements to the harmonies feature, improvements for audio recording, and more!

Click here to review and download this free update patch (build 4).

Summary of Changes in Build 4:

Fixed: wording of harmonies menu items in Edit - Track submenu.
Fixed: old harmonies (Helicon) dialog set output track to the same as input and then complained about it not being a mono track.
Fixed: old harmonies invoked the chord reinterpretation if song had no chords, but was creating an analysis track that contained MIDI data, and then audio was getting written onto that track.
Fixed: audio record issue, time messed up, after chord reinterpretation routines called.
Fixed: help buttons in New Audio Harmonies dialog, and Grid Line Settings dialog were not doing anything.
Fixed: default juke box play list might get corrupted on program exit.
Fixed: should not invoke jbridge when loading 32-bit Kontact VST.
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