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#601081 - 06/08/20 04:46 AM [Band-in-a-Box VST/AU and Pro Tools/AAX DAW Plugin (Mac)] Logic Plugin.. Feedback
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mrgeeze Offline

Registered: 01/24/10
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I just watched the Plugin video for Logic.
I can see some convenience in its capabilities.
From 10k feet, it appears to provide a limited subset of biab features accessible from Logic.
Charting a song, selecting a real style, generating wav files. All the big points.
What about midi tracks? Adding/Changing parts? Any big missing gotchas?

I'm just wondering whether those using it find it a great improvement over having both programs (biab and logic) open at the same time on your mac.
I get not having to gen the .wav tracks and use finder to drag and drop into the project.
Just wondering if enough other features are lost to make this minor inconvenience not worth the effort.

I don't believe there's a right answer here.
Just wondering what experiences users have had so far.

I may crossgrade to the Mac version this year and this feature could aid the decision.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
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#603687 - 06/25/20 05:20 AM [Band-in-a-Box VST/AU and Pro Tools/AAX DAW Plugin (Mac)] Re: Logic Plugin.. Feedback [Re: mrgeeze]
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Rob Helms Offline

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I’m not fully sure what you are asking. The plugin doesn’t have all the tools BiaB does in either pc or Mac. It never will. The idea behind it was to create tracks and drag them to the DAW where the average DAW user is comfortable with the tool set. There midi can be edited with ease. Same with audio. I use the plugin in both Studio one on pc and Logic on Mac. The plugin is working very nicely in both.

You can add midi from midi styles, and any RTs/RDs that have real charts. These can be edited in the DAW. Both Peter and Andrew have said the plugin was not developed to be a full on BiaB, just a way for DAW users to get tracks fast.

Envision Realband In a PC it is a DAW with BiaB generation inside. There you can edit audio and Midi to your heart’s content. This is not done in the BiaB portion of the program, it is done in the Powertracks portion. It is the same with the plugin and your favorite DAW.

Im still wrapping my head around Logic and Mac in general but so far I like it
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