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Hello,A little feedback on my own experience (I would prefer to talk about my work on biab):

I thought I was doing well by ordering my ultrapak version directly from the PG site and I am well rewarded:
FedEx shipping, promise within 3 days, in reality 10 days, disastrous follow-up, at one point my package no longer existed, no response to my emails.
Today I receive an invoice of 84 € for import costs: 66 € of taxes, the rest for FedEx so that the shipping costs amount to 25 + 18 €.

I often order across the Atlantic and FedEx is clearly to be avoided: deadlines, follow-ups, communications and disastrous costs.
The only order from the USA that I did not receive: FedEx. But all was not lost, they sent me the invoice for the import fees ....
I'd recommend rather usps first then ups. My advice (I should have inquired better) order from European resellers, it's practically the same price and without shipping costs or taxes.

My advice, don't pay these bills, protest and send a mail stating them responsible for a f*ckup. AND your complaint somewhere publicly, like Facebook ( Facebook Fedex Complaints ). FedEx is a ripoff scheme, why i am not buying new PG drives anymore, they charged me some 12.50 euro's 'administration costs' for custom handling afterwards this year, never had that thievery with USPS.

USPS is slightly better, but they just lost a parcel i sent to the USA. Costed me 500 Euro so far, and i am in the process of hiring a lawyer now. UPS most of the times behaves better, but they damaged a parcel badly 2 years ago and bluntly blamed me for that although i took pictures of the parcel being not damaged before shipping. Right now DHL might be best. I always get stuff from Amazon sent that way, never a problem so far.

NO MORE FEDEX PGmusic !!!!